Diabetes Blog Week: Foods For Friday

Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is „Foods For Friday“. This week, I was travelling and eating in Dublin. Generally, I am the hungriest person in the world – at home or abroad. For me, food is also very important during my travels, because I see the local cuisine as a big part of the culture. So yes, I will try and eat my way through all the countries of the world … 😉


When I’m travelling, I mostly just want to get out and start exploring! So I just take something quick on the go, such as bananas and cereal bars. This way, I save money and time and can concentrate on enjoying the sights! 🙂


For lunch, we went to this wonderful little place called Considered Café in the city centre and had some soup and sandwiches. It was great to just sit down and relax for a while and most importantly, the food was delicious!


When we went to Howth, a little fishing village just outside Dublin, Fish & Chips with Seafood Chowder was an obvious, but delicious choice! Also, Guiness! 😉


I love, love, love cupcakes! Love them! So while sadly I don’t have one every day, I at least have one on every trip I take. There was a lovely little cupcake stall by Lolly and Cooks in the George Street Arcade with a LOT of cupcakes. I don’t know exactly how the universe did it, but I had a little hypo right when we came across it, so these little things really helped! 😉

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