Hi there! I’m Steffi, 29, and I live with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I live in Berlin, Germany, and I love traveling the world, cooking and eating cupcakes. More than 10 years ago, my pancreas quit without notice, leaving me with the full time job of regulating my own blood glucose levels. You can read more about my diagnosis here.

After feeling isolated with this condition for many years, I finally found my way to the diabetes online community. I decided to write this blog to show what life with diabetes can look like: A bit chaotic, with ups and downs, but happy and fulfilled!

Stephanie Haack

I am a passionate advocate for people with all types of diabetes across the globe. Access to insulin and healthcare is a human right and the voices of people with diabetes need to be heard.

Moreover, I feel strongly that we need to end the stigma of diabetes-related complications. After nine years of living with diabetes, I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy, i.e. nerve damage in my feet resulting from diabetes. What I want people to know is that there is no shame or guilt in developing complications. They are not our failure, but something that can happen to us and that we can deal with.

To make the world of diabetes a bit more colorful and fun, I have started my own little online shop. Check it out here!

The diabetes online community is my happy place and I glad to have found it. The support that people with diabetes offer each other every day is invaluable!

What’s your diabetes story? I’d love to hear from you!