Diabetes Blog Week: Changes

Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is „Changes“!

This topic immediately got me excited. Change is a constant in my life and that is exactly how I like it. I’ve studied in Cologne, Moscow and Edinburgh, and I will finish my degree soon and start looking for a job. I’m already excited to see where that will take me.

When it comes to diabetes, this lack of regularity and rhythm in my life can be problematic. Every day is different, which is a huge challenge for diabetes management. It is hard to stick to diabetes routines if there’s hardly any routine in my daily life. But in the end, the diabetes has to fit into my life, not the other way around!

What really helps me fit diabetes management into my daily adventures is technology. And that is where a lot of exciting changes take place! And some of these technological advancements have really changed my life, too. Most recently, the Freestyle Libre! I never thought that such a small device could have such a big impact. It is not only a relief from constant finger pricking, but it pushed me to monitor my levels more closely, giving me a new sense of freedom and independence!

In the past few months, I’ve also been thinking about the ultimate change in diabetes management … and I think I’m finally ready for it. Drumroll … the pump! I really don’t mind the pens, but I think a pump would enable tighter control. Initially, I wanted to go for the OmniPod, because I am so clumsy I’ll probably strangle myself in my sleep with the tube. But I have been really impressed by what I read about the MiniMed 640G and the Smartguard system. So maybe I’ll try to get used to tubes after all. Change is good and I hope this one may help me fit diabetes into my ever-changing life.

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