It’s still Diabetes Blog Week and here is my post about the topic „Keep it to Yourself“.

I have not been blogging about diabetes for a long time, so I am still full of ideas for posts. It’s a very long list! ūüėČ But I already know that I will not write about cinnamon, green smoothies or other remedies that will supposedly cure us all and make insulin redundant. Granted, cinnamon is awesome in cookies and who knows – maybe I will one day jump on the juicing train and start making up recipes for delicious green smoothies. But I am not going to tell you miracle stories that will only do one thing: Hurt.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six years ago. Since then, I have been bombarded with news articles, spam emails or well meant messages from friends that promise. And I have always been fully aware that most of it is nonsense. But still, whenever I read that little word, CURE, my heart jumps a little. And then it hurts.

While I do still get excited about awesome new diabetes management technologies like amazing wristbands and contact lenses, when it comes to a cure, I’ve always been sceptical. I’m not sure, but I do have a feeling that I will be living with diabetes for the rest of my life. Yes, of course there is still that little shred of hope in the back of my mind. But I cannot get distracted by every natural remedy or scientific breakthrough. What I need to focus on is accepting my condition, taking matters into my own hands and living my life to the fullest. Making it count. Enjoying it. And that is what I do! ūüôā

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