Hello world!

Hi there! I’m Steffi, 24, and I live with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I’m originally from Germany, but at the moment I live and study in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love traveling, good tv shows and cupcakes. And in the past few months I’ve learned to love blogging, too! ­čÖé┬áYou can find my blog in German language here.


About six years ago, my pancreas quit without notice, leaving me with the full time job of regulating my blood glucose levels. Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which causes the body to attack its own insulin-producing beta cells within the pancreas. Its cause is still unknown and there is currently no cure. It is a lifelong condition that millions have to deal with. But we can still lead fulfilling, happy lives.┬áI have decided to write this blog to show what one life out of many with this condition looks like. I hope you enjoy it! ­čÖé

Just some of the pens and sticks I need to survive … ­čśë

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